TUESDAY 4 JUN 2013 10:53 AM


Adecco Group has merged Beeline Managed Service Providers and Adecco solutions in recognition of the worldwide increased demand for talent management and workforce planning. The resultant new corporation has been named Pontoon. The task of giving Pontoon a unique, innovative brand identity was handed to Adecco Group’s brand development partner Siegel+Gale.The agency has designed a highly stylised branding style to complement Pontoon’s commitment to offering a new and innovative outlook into HR recruitment.

Siegel+Gale’s design focuses on the aspects of Pontoon that would set it aside from other firms and launch it as an innovative company. The most prominent focus has been given to highlighting the innovation, expertise and analytical qualities that Pontoon offers.

The digital design is emphasised by a black and white logo which is in a futuristic to typeface subtly suggest professionalism. This contrasts with the majority of the homepage, which features an ever changing selection of colourful pictures and statements which offset the more rigid aspects of the design with some exuberance. The pictures employ a ‘dissection’ technique to emphasise Pontoon’s analytical prowess.

Philip Davies, president EMEA of Siegel+Gale, says that Pontoon is now primarily placed in the HR sector. He says, “We’ve created an elegantly simple brand that is innovative, fresh and engaging, one that has changed the global HR recruitment landscape.”

The name Pontoon was selected to symbolise flexibility and reliability and Pontoon’s global president Mike Wachholz believes these qualities are accurately portrayed in the brand design. He says, “The contemporary, dynamic name created for Pontoon by Siegel+Gale is spot on. Not only does it appeal to our customers and reflect our offering, but it really sets up apart from the competition. It’s game changing!”