As the industry has predominantly shifted towards remote working, an ‘aways on’ culture risks heightening stress levels.

Content agency Audere Communications has launched a pro-bono podcast package for charities looking to enter into the medium.


There's not only cricket to be seen at the Kia Oval in London.
A study carried out by YouGov for Initials Marketing has sought to gauge the public opinion on corporate social responsibility.
The annual review into the Annual Reports of the FTSE 100 companies by Black Sun has been released and it yields some interesting data.
The Cannes Lions 60th anniversary International Festival of Creativity was held this week in Cannes, France.
The Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) held the inaugural DARE North PR awards event in Leeds last night.
The drpgroup opened their new midlands studio complex, named 212, with launch parties on Thursday and Friday.
Communicate Magazine will host this year’s Best Practice: Corporate Reporting conference on July 2nd.
It might not come as a surprise to all that new research suggests workers feel that they are more productive working at home.
For most of the 699 years that have passed since The Battle of Bannockburn the guardianship of the legendary battle’s story, that played so big a role in Scottish independence [pre-Alex Salmond], has been entrusted to the crusty, old history types- well, especially in England anyway.