THURSDAY 13 JUN 2013 2:09 PM


It might not come as a surprise to all that new research suggests workers feel that they are more productive working at home. New statistics from market researchers Ipsos MORI found that 70% of remote workers admitted that they got more done at home than in the office.

Of course in the digital age it is much easier to communicate with one another without having to resort to face to face contact. Nonetheless video conferencing managed service provider UCi2i have seen a 357% increase in its customer usage in the last year, indicating that although people may feel they do more work at home, they’d still like to retain a presence in the office when they’re there.

Managing director of UCi2i Michael Grant said, “Our call usage figures are reflective of the industry as a whole and it’s clear that for many businesses, video communication is now an integral part of both mobile and desktop interaction, allowing business to run as normal, regardless of an employee’s location or device.”

Business communications is seemingly lurching towards a future where employees select their working environment to be the one where they’re most productive and in many cases this is at home. Grant believes that this should not worry employers and in fact adds, “By letting an employee with an hour long commute work from home two days a week, the employee would save 25 days a year. Given that 60% of saved commute time is recycled back into work, this adds 6% more time to each employees working year.”


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