WEDNESDAY 17 JUL 2013 9:23 AM


The use of video in corporate communications is not a new trend, though lately, it has become more of an essential strategy companies are embracing to address a digital-consuming audience. Corporate video firms are typically the go-to suppliers of such films. However, it is becoming more common for a company to tackle video production for internal communications without the help of professional production companies.

Tullow Oil’s head of internal communications, Steven Golding, said at last month’s Reputation in Oil, Gas and Mining conference that the oil exploration company outfitted some of its employees with handicams or video-enabled smartphones to create a series of personal ‘day in the life’ stories. Many are pursuing this option as a low-cost alternative to professional video, some simply to engage an internal audience by highlighting employees in such communications.

Northwards Housing, the management organisation for North Manchester’s council homes, recently debuted a health and safety video featuring its employees. The slightly campy, but self-aware and enjoyable film — starring an employee as Batman, the caped crusader of health and safety, and the company CEO as Robin– that resulted effectively communicates the importance of maintaining a high standard of health and safety in the workplace.

Steve Finegan, head of business effectiveness and communications at Northwards, says, “The words ‘health and safety’ can conjure up images of boring classroom-style lectures. Being bored won’t help you take health and safety seriously. So by injecting a bit of fun into our training, our employees are more engaged with health and safety than they ever have been before.”

Vicki Cutler, a health and safety consultant at the Housing Quality Network, lauded the film for its involvement of employees and its attention to health and safety.

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