WEDNESDAY 7 AUG 2013 8:39 AM


Cheeky creative content agency Evidently have taken matters into their own hands and given themselves a new brand identity ahead of moving into their new London offices.

Far from just a paintjob and with plenty of personal puns, Evidently have played with some office-trained pet friends to help them communicate their ethos – which appears to be that branding is done best with a good sense of humour.

Evidently’s self-rebrand focuses around a simple scheme of their own Pantone shade of Yellow, and monochrome, which have not only splashed onto their business cards, internal merchandise and digital media outlets but also onto the surfaces inside of their new office  - walls, tiles, drawers and doors. 

Taking inspiration from their four office dogs – a dachshund, a greyhound, a Westie and a labradoodle – the Evidently team designed a character set that was later extended to their international offices with Johannesburg, Perth, Toronto and Singapore now all sporting their own nationalised pet friend.

But it doesn’t end with animals; there are witty wall designs and sneaky slogans in abundance. Evidently have shown what humour and wit can do for themselves as a creative content agency and in doing so have showcased what Evidently can do for their clients, both current and potential as a creative content agency.


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