MONDAY 12 AUG 2013 10:41 AM


Uffindell, ‘the agency of change’, have recently pioneered a series of lunchtime events that aim to keep energy and creativity flowing through their workplace. By inviting key guest speakers, ‘interesting people…with a point of view’, event platform ‘The Catalyst Club’ seeks to get all colleagues (with a few outside guests) involved in the discussion of a certain topic.

This past week, communicate magazine were invited to listen to a talk by Eleanor O’Rourke, creative coach and author of ’40 days, 40 nights: One woman’s Quest to Reclaim her Creative Mojo’. The format is simply a 15-minute talk that then stimulates thought-provoking discussion.

This week’s talk centered on the idea that channeling and balancing both masculine and feminine energies is the key to unleashing the potential for creativity.

Measuring creativity throughout history has shifted from a Herculean analysis of physical dexterity toward a focus on mental dexterity, the ability to absorb information or paint/play the piano or do mental arithmetic.

Creativity in our times has made a further shift, in terms of branding, this would entail the channeling of the ‘flows’ of others to facilitate collaboration and present a unified and subsequently creative team. Eleanor offered suggestions about how to channel and promote creativity in the workplace by combining energies which was followed by questions from the audience.

The Catalyst Club showcases how a lunch hour can be used effectively to encourage discussion within an agency and promote internal communication.


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