MONDAY 19 AUG 2013 10:49 AM


Corporate communications agency Radley Yeldar have unveiled their recent work on re-focusing Vodafone’s branding strategy.

Vodafone 2015’ showcases a new reporting suite including access via print, online and mobile, created by Radley Yeldar for Vodafone's 2013 annual report.

The importance of multi-device access has meant that Vodafone 2015 allows users to be capable of controlling and tailoring how their information is consumed, offering options to 'read, watch or download'.

Anthony Hamilton, senior investor relations manager at Vodafone commented on collaborating with the corporate communications agency, “This is our second year of working with Radley Yeldar and once again they have shown us that they can deliver quality, innovation and an eye for detail that enables us to deliver a truly effective and engaging annual report.”

Given Vodafone’s title as a ‘global communications business’, it was crucial for both them and the success of Radley Yeldar's work that the report also was made accessible on a wide range of multimedia channels. As such, the annual report can be viewed on smartphones, PCs and tablets.

Many branding agencies and strategists have recently turned towards film, animation and infographics in order to make their client’s annual report more interactive and engaging for consumers.


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