SATURDAY 21 SEP 2013 10:19 PM


Earth has created the new look for the Commonwealth – an intergovernmental voluntary organisation of fifty-four member states. The creative design consultancy has worked with the Commonwealth on a number of projects over the last three years, including designing the Women as Agents of Change campaign.

It began work on the new visual identity approximately eight months ago, aiming to create a more consistent look for the organisation based on a new illustrative identity centred on a tilting axis of the earth.

Managing director of Earth, Martin Johnston, said, ‘We wanted to release the idea that they are a modern, dynamic and a vibrant organisation. The Commonwealth was formed to encourage democracy and human rights, but that wasn’t being represented in the [previous] identity’.

The new brand logo uses shade of blue with ‘a hint of magenta’ which was chosen for the colour palette to represent Xenon – the 54th element in the periodic table, as a nod to the 54 Commonwealth member states.

The states, which were mostly territories of the former British Empire, have no legal obligation to one another, but are united by shared values of ‘democracy, human rights and the rule of law’, according to the Commonwealth charter.

Other colours were chosen for the new colour palette to represent the different regions comprised by the Commonwealth, such as fuchsia pink to symbolise the Caribbean, the native territory of the plant behind the colours name, according to Johnston.

The new branding will roll out across all the Commonwealth’s touch points, including event and speech collateral, stationery, the website and annual reports.


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