MONDAY 7 OCT 2013 9:24 AM


Rotary, the civil society organisation that is comprised of Rotary International, The Rotary Foundation and 34,000 individual clubs, has partnered with Siegel+Gale to revamp its visual identity.

The brand has made a massive impact around the world for over 100 years, but according to Rotary International president Ron Burton, it needed to better communicate its values. The result is a subtly-retouched wordmark and wheel logo but a radically overhauled digital presence and marketing approach.

The strategy here was simplification. Taking a sprawling organisation and distilling its values down to a brand story that effectively communicates what the organisation stands for and in what areas it works. Siegel+Gale identified what audiences Rotary was communicating with and met their needs through a refocused communications strategy focused on simplicity.

“Our team worked collaboratively and tirelessly with Rotary—with input from thousands of Rotarians—to crystallize Rotary’s essence, amplify its voice, and activate its values,” David Srere, co-CEO and chief strategy officer of Siegel+Gale, says. “Rotary is a tremendously impressive global organization, and the team’s challenge was to dramatize the breadth and depth of its impact. Harnessing the power of simplicity, together we cut through the volume and complexity of the organization to present a clear, credible and compelling story.”

The brand’s new digital presence allows for consistency across platforms and language preference while both strengthening and simplifying Rotary’s websites for both external use and for members.

“Rotary is an organization defined by the compassion and great work of its members. With our new public image platform, visual identity and digital experience, Rotary’s passion for a better world is now at the forefront for all to see,” Rotary International general secretary John Hewko says.