TUESDAY 5 NOV 2013 5:02 PM


Over the past few years, corporate engagement has come to be synonymous with City communications in the form of CSR. Though this can be seen as a modern phenomenon, London business has pursued philanthropic partnerships for centuries.

The Museum of London, which highlights the city’s past and present, has launched a new exhibition documenting that philanthropic history. The exhibit catalogue’s the 800 years of history that have turned mediaeval alms-giving into modern corporate engagement.

Director of the Museum of London, Sharon Ament, says, “Philanthropic endeavours are all around us in the City. They have made us what we are and they will shape the future of London. Using money to make things happen for the common good is part of the capital’s entrepreneurial spirit. The Museum of London’s galleries are full of examples of citizens coming together to improve life in this wonderful city of ours.”

The Philanthropy: The City Story gallery will go beyond the history of CSR and explore how corporate engagement and individual philanthropy have shaped the City of London and its entrepreneurial spirit. Complementing the exhibit is a series of events discussing corporate philanthropy and modern and historical CSR work.

Philanthropy: The City Story is supported by the City Bridge Trust which seeks to encourage young city workers to embrace philanthropy. The exhibit will be hosted at Charterhouse until 30 November.