TUESDAY 3 DEC 2013 4:17 PM


Crown, in a move to consolidate its business, has launched a new website and brand proposition. It will also officially go by simply Crown, losing the wordy Crown Business Communications moniker.

The website, launched recently, features a clean design with an interesting approach to case studies. Each case is presented in black and white, prompting the user to click for more info. The completely responsive design allows for a similar user experience across mobile and desktop.

Crown’s new brand proposition, Growing Brand Belief, underscores its approach to brand development, across all of its areas of work. Nicky Havelaar, MD, says, “We are very proud to be launching Growing Brand Belief, a communications philosophy which we believe embodies a promise which we make to our clients.”

These changes will be rung in with a move to London’s Soho to be close to the heart of the capital’s burgeoning creative industry and attract new talent in order to ensure future growth.