TUESDAY 14 JAN 2014 12:19 PM


Preparing to take a business global requires more than just local contacts, eager investors and a clear-cut strategy. Communications also plays a role in expanding any business, but particularly one in the financial services sector, overseas.

Dubai-headquartered Noor Bank rebranded last week from Noor Islamic Bank as part of its expansion strategy. The rebrand, created by Wolff Olins, has been rolled out to subsidiary brands as well.

The word ‘Islamic’ was removed from the bank’s name as it was perceived to no longer add value, according to CEO Hussain Al Qemzi. Emirati and other Arab banks have sought recently to redevelop their brands to enhance the focus on customer service and promote their services internationally. Noor’s home city of Dubai hopes to become the centre of the Arabic business world; a strong financial sector will assist that development.

Al Qemzi says, “We want to grow and our new branding gives us the freedom and inspiration to flourish. Adherence to Shari’a values and principles is in our DNA and they will continue to be the bedrock of our business decisions. With a modular brand design, new corporate identities quickly fall into place – the logo, colour theme, business cards, letterheads and marketing collateral. This makes us nimble and fast to market.”

The shortened name coincides with a subtle redesign of the bank’s logo to a more striking, modern wordmark with corresponding updates across its digital and physical assets.