FRIDAY 14 FEB 2014 11:55 AM


With a brand that deals equally with consumers and companies, a 200-year plus history in the UK and a prominent presence in the Middle East, and the constrictions often present in the property sector, Cluttons’ rebrand was an interesting challenge for London-based branding agency Industry.

The agency’s nine residential branches in London represent just a portion of Cluttons’ business. The company has a thriving corporate arm and is arguably the most prominent estate agency in the UAE and elsewhere in the Gulf states. In drawing these unique elements together under a single brand proposition, Industry introduced ‘We make it easy’ as the new strategy.

Sholto Lindsay-Smith, director of Industry, says it was necessary to make the brand relevant to both of Clutton’s audiences, “Research found that ease was particularly relevant to consumers. When you’re buying a house, making it easy is important. Dealing with the complex property transactions on the corporate side, simplifying complex issues is important there.”

In designing the new visual identity, two main elements were considered. The first was Cluttons’ place in the market and its heritage. As the business positions itself as an upscale agency providing excellent serviced based on its long history, Industry imbued the new brand with a sense of luxury. The clean, white wordmark has wide letter spacing and evokes the sophistication of luxury retailers’ brands.

The other consideration was colour. Cluttons had long been known for its bright red signage. Industry sought to change the brand’s signature colour as an indication of a radical repositioning. Research and insight into both the estate market and consumer preferences found that two colours were associated strongly with ‘ease’: blue and green. Green, was eliminated as it is strongly tied to Cluttons’ major competitor Foxtons.

Thus the new look of the brand features light blue signage, a luxury brand-like wordmark and clean, professional new digital assets. Marc McConnell, global business development and marketing director at Cluttons, says, “Our new brand signals the changes that have been going on here behind the scenes and supports our commitment to a truly Partner-led approach that ensures clients receive expertise, experience and good judgement.”

Industry has also worked with Cluttons to educate employees on ‘ease’ proposition and imbue in them a sense of what the new brand stands for.