WEDNESDAY 26 FEB 2014 3:28 PM


Corporate social responsibility is often one of the primary communications tools employed by energy and extractive companies. It assists with investor relations, stakeholder relations and employee engagement, while also helping the local community or wider area in which the company is operating.

CSR professionals working for energy and extractive companies deal with a number of issues unique to their sector. This year, Vostock Capital, an energy event management company with a focus in extractions and in CSR, is running an international gathering and experience exchange programme, CSR & Sustainability in Energy Industry: UK Global Expertise, in London on 15-18 April.

The experience exchange programme will gather CSR specialists from all over the world. It will provide a unique opportunity to study and adopt the expertise of leading companies in the field, and give a chance to communicate with colleagues and like-minded professionals, including top-level CSR specialists of extractive and energy industries from around the world.

Oksana Fedoseyeva, MD of Vostock Capital UK, says, “CSR implementation secures company’s sustainable development in the long-term period. In volatile and high-risk environment, CSR and Sustainability management have proved to be a reliable investment into a company’s competitive advantage among other market players on the national and international arena. Moreover, it attracts the best professionals and investors of the sector, improves the corporate image, and increases a company’s profits and shareholders’ value.”

With exploration into the CSR field within the extractive sector, the four-day experience exchange is designed to impart expertise based on case studies and recent projects and provide keynote addresses from some of the biggest names in extractives including De Beers’ pipeline integrity manager, Shell Foundation’s head of policy and PWC’s director of sustainability. The experts will carry out interactive modelling for the participants to apply to various challenging situations and find the right solution as well.

Extractive companies operating in emerging as well as in developed markets can benefit from CSR international gathering and experience exchange programme to integrate and enrich their CSR strategies that enables them to engage with local stakeholders and investors and communicate with their global audiences.