FRIDAY 28 MAR 2014 10:32 AM


The London Fire Brigade (LFB) has pioneered the use of social media by a public organisation. It was the first fire and rescue service to sign on to Twitter Alerts when it launched in the UK in November. It has also cultivated an informative, yet quirky tone of voice on Twitter. All of which positions the Brigade as one of the capital’s chief communicators about fire safety.

Today, the lFB is launching a programme to promote awareness about fire safety among residents of purpose-built and high-rise flats.The ‘Know the Plan’ campaign serves to inform residents about fire safety and fire action plans.

The programme was motivated by the 2009 Lakanal House fire in Camberwell in which six people died. In the wake of that tragedy, the coroner concluded that LFB was responsible for increasing awareness about fire safety.

The project, however, consists of more than a digital information hub. The LFB has engaged local housing councils, associations and private landlords to better communicate with their residents about fire safety.

Chairman of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, James Cleverly, says, “Landlords and housing providers with legal responsibilities for flats and maisonettes in purpose built blocks need to act right now to ensure their residents are safe and understand what to do in a fire.”

Over the next 12 months, the London Fire Brigade will work with residents, landlords and other housing providers to better communicate information relating to fire safety. Through a survey of about 3,000 Londoners, the LFB found that only 40% of the capital’s more than 500,000 at-risk homes have a fire escape plan.