TUESDAY 6 MAY 2014 8:55 AM


On 6 May, a “first of its kind” digital series by Mills & Boon launches, embracing digital, social and mobile platforms for 21st century audiences.

Created by renowned romantic publishers, Harlequin, The Chatsfield site conjures up a luxury hotel, where character’s stories are slowly revealed, and can be pieced together to create a bigger picture.

The social-media based storytelling is seeking out new audiences in a place that consumers interact most. The Lounge space of the platform, powered by Theatrics, will be a forum section where users can upload their own stories.

Joanna Kate, marketing manager at Mills & Boon, says, “Our female audience are connecting with stories across many devices and formats, so we wanted to create a new product to maximize on this in order to reach them. The Chatsfield is a first for publishing because it offers a multi-layered story experience, which can be truly personal, we give the users choices on where, how much, how deep they want the experience to be.”

Unlike the eBook, Harlequin and Conductrr have created a ‘storyworld’ platform and plan to upload 800 bite-sized pieces of content from four character storylines over a three-month period.