THURSDAY 29 MAY 2014 10:08 AM


Communications within the extractive industry calls for an innovative approach based on discussion, debate, and persuasion. For four years the Reputation in Oil, Gas & Mining conference has provided a place where the most influential voices in the sector can come together and share their expertise regarding this complex field.  

The Reputation in Oil, Gas & Mining conference has made its name as the leading international reputation and communications conference for the extractive industry and, as such, attracts the most accomplished professionals in their respective fields.

Speakers at Oil, Gas & Mining 2014 include: Kate Samuel, manager global crisis communications & offshore at Hess Corporation, who will speak about restructuring a crisis response strategy, Carole Nakhle, associate lecturer in energy economics at the University of Surrey, who will be discussing the impact of energy policy on the extractive industry, Michelle Witton, compliance lawyer at ENRC, who will explore the relationship between communications and compliance, and Ricardo Carvalho, head of digital at Shell, who will explore digital solutions to reputational challenges. The Reputation in Oil, Gas & Mining conference will provide the opportunity for industry experts to share past crisis and reputation management experiences in preparation for tomorrow's strategies.

This year the conference has expanded to a two day event in response to a growing repertoire of high standard contributors and interest from the industry. The event will be held on 11-12 June 2014 at the Emirates Stadium.

An attendee at last year's conference said, "To interact with our peers, learn about what other people are doing, and just play through some of the scenarios we may all face, is hugely beneficial."

Publishing & events manager at Cravenhill Publishing, Liz Foggitt, said: “The programme for this year's Reputation in Oil, Gas & Mining conference, will take a comprehensive look at the communications issues in the extractive sector. We're pleased to have speakers addressing the digital challenges faced by modern business, compliance on an international level, reputation and crisis management issues and the relationship between public policy and the extractive sector. This year’s Reputation in Oil Gas & Mining conference is set to be a very exciting event indeed. The level of both speaker and participant will far exceed those from the previous Reputation in Oil Gas & Mining conferences, both in terms of number and seniority.”

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