WEDNESDAY 26 OCT 2016 2:56 PM


New research from mobile application specialists, Apadmi Enterprise, sheds light on a digital sore point in the NHS. As over half of patients claimed to have never used mobile technology to engage with the NHS, 76% would like to see it come to fruition.

The research comes as a result of a recent report entitled 'How can mobile application technology change the way patients engage with healthcare organisations,' which aims to provide information on the implementation process, as well as what patients can expect from user-focused technological advancements in the NHS. Coinciding with this, the failings of the health sector are beginning to show through a lack of development on 2014's five-year vision to improve patient care through technology. 

Matt Hunt, CEO of Apadmi Enterprise, says, "When it comes to hospitals, there is a clear need to improve patient engagement and communication, and our research highlights that focus needs to be around providing regular updates so patients feel informed during the entire visit, as well as offering greater access to patient information so they feel empowered to manage their own health too."

Yet as the public service becomes more fragmented, a crawling economy and turbulent political landscape threatens the entirety of the NHS. Technological developments may be the answer, and as the research shows, 45% of patients would like to see health records make the digital migration, along with 43% of patients pledging to use technology to manage their own health.