THURSDAY 15 MAR 2018 10:13 AM


Forming an ever-growing component of the global business structure, CSR’s importance in today’s corporate environment is critical. The business approach yields economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. Yet for start-ups, SMEs and multinational corporations across the entire business spectrum, developing pertinent opportunities for a diverse and growing employee network can be a challenge.

Tiia Sammallahti, founder and CEO of digital platform, has been quick to observe that as little as 1.5% of charities receive 70% of the sector’s £73bn annual income. “We offer a digital solution that levels the playing field of a sector that’s currently five years behind other markets in terms of its utilisation of technology and how it can be used to improve engagement with the public and deliver more resources to the charities and those in need,” says Sammallahti.

The development of, a fully mobile responsive social media platform combined with a charity directory, offers businesses a new access point, one that provides meaningful volunteering and workplace giving opportunities to employees. At no cost, companies can develop a unique landing page, accessible through a dedicated URL that gives employees free rein to pick and choose their desired CSR outreach.

Yet the service not only streamlines the inherent diversity of the sector through its ‘matchmaking’ component, it also allows employees to specify what resources they wish to offer, be it time, money, goods or services. The introduction of the platform aims to provide both companies and employees with a greater insight into CSR output, with the goal of increasing impact through its user-friendly and accessible format.

Additionally, the platform will also build on an interactive structure, allowing employees deeper dives through searchable data points such as location, mission and values. This includes an opportunity to put direct questions to an organisation.

Launching in London on 15 March 2018, the platform’s nationwide rollout is set for May of this year.


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