THURSDAY 18 AUG 2016 8:39 AM


In an age where technology is rapidly advancing, it was almost inevitable that video content would over-ride written, however, the question as to why live content has become more popular than pre-recorded, has now been answered.

According to new survey released by video content agency ‘Through The I’, 75% of UK consumers prefer streaming live rather than watching pre-recorded content. This demonstrates to brands that use of live streaming could prove valuable in delivering campaigns to their audiences, and provide significant marketing benefits.

The survey, carried out by the research group ‘Opinion Matters’, asked 2,000 adults were about live streaming, and some intriguing points were raised.

For example, 73% of people said that they pay more attention to content that is happening at the same time as they are viewing it, likely due to the fact that it is in real-time and relevant to now. Also, 58% thought the opportunity to feel connected with live event was important and 44% of people wanted more authentic content; live streaming can directly reach consumers, keeping them updated and connected all the time, and provide them with an authentic engagement which is relevant to the moment.

Live streaming fulfils the desires of the majority of the people involved in the survey, thus shows it to be a vital tool that all brands should be using, to communicate. Marketing teams always look for new exciting techniques to communicate their campaigns, and ultimately attract their target audience. So, by incorporating more live streaming into marketing strategies, brands can provide the more authentic engagement that the public desire.

Scott Jackson, managing director of ‘Through The I’, says, “As the first company to ever Live Stream with Facebook in 2010, we are delighted to see hard evidence of the appeal of Live Streaming for audiences. With the ability now to stream to even more channels including LinkedIn, Periscope and YouTube, the opportunities for brands and organisations to engage has never been better.”


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