Edelman became the first PR firm to snap up a Titanium Lion award at Cannes Lions last week, suggesting a change in tide for the PR industry at the festival.

The Corporate Content Awards continues to recognise the exemplary work at the core of corporate storytelling with its annual benchmarking of successful, genuine and thought-provoking initiatives across corporate communications.


In an age where technology is rapidly advancing, it was almost inevitable that video content would over-ride written, however, the question as to why live content has become more popular than pre-recorded, has now been answered.
It is vital for brands to establish a respectable reputation and create trust with its customers. Especially in a time where online shopping retail sales are rapidly rising, digital communications become increasingly crucial for them to achieve this.
Visibrain’s research claims that brands are now 13% more likely to suffer a marketing or PR crisis than they were three years ago. According to new research carried out by media monitoring platform Visibrain, 78% of PR crises are instigated by communications or marketing errors rather than external disruptions or attacks. Alongside this research, Visibrain published a guide about the best media monitoring practices.
The Natural History Museum, a well-known leading science research centre and one of the top visitor attractions in the UK, has a new exhibit, ‘Colour and Vision,’ which will run from 15 July to 6 November. Krow, a creative communications and advertising agency of the museum, worked with the museum to promote its new display, in order to interest a larger number of visitors. This was done by creating an exhibition experience which begins before actually entering the exhibition.