WEDNESDAY 5 OCT 2016 10:15 AM


The PRCA National Conference 2016, held in London last month, announced 16 launch partners for its CPD programme. Of the partners, both Communicate and Transform magazines feature in a list that includes the likes of Gorkana, PRWeek and the Investor Relations Society among others.

The conference held an array of wide-ranging discussions, from Baroness Emma Nicholson's talk on the need for PR in London-based charity Amar Foundation's campaign to help vulnerable communities in Iraq, to radio presenter Nick Ferrari and journalist Rageh Omar's insights of a world closely tied to PR, where informative reporting and access to the media are pillars of strength.

Moving forward, the PRCA's development programme consists of an online-platform that allows individuals to benefit from a collection of events and activities provided by the partnerships. With a point-system promoting engagement in the CPD programme, PRCA fellow Alison Clarke, chairing the programme, says, "The PRCA believes that continually developing skills and knowledge as individuals, and across the industry, is fundamental to professionalising public relations. And so CPD should be accessible to all, regardless of budget. Our scheme is possible to complete without spending a single pound."

Andrew Thomas, publishing editor of Communicate magazine, says, "We support any initiative that promotes best practice in the communications disciplines and the PRCA has once again shown its commitment to raising the skills and standards of comms professionals through the introduction of its CPD programme. We’re delighted to be part of this exciting scheme.”

The PRCA's CPD programme, set to get underway this month, included the following partners:

  • Association of Police Communicators
  • Association of Professional Political Consultants
  • Communicate Magazine
  • Global Women in PR
  • Gorkana
  • The Holmes Report
  • The Institute of Promotional Marketing
  • The Investor Relations Society
  • LGcommunications
  • Local Government Association
  • PRmoment
  • PRWeek
  • Transform Magazine
  • Westco
  • Women in PA
  • Women in PR