WEDNESDAY 21 SEP 2016 9:37 AM


De Montfort University’s newly launched campaign, ‘Dare to Do’, is a follow up to its successful 2014 recruitment campaign. ‘Dare to Do,’ developed with creative agency Cubo, highlights the real-life stories of ambitious students pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones.

By highlighting seven different stories of students pushing boundaries within their fields of study, DMU is strengthening its image as a groundbreaking institution that challenges conventionality. It also features DMU’s recently created international experience programme, #DMUglobal. The programme was created in response to the government’s challenge to expose UK students to study abroad opportunities.

The campaign’s TV advert, which launched nationally with 30 second and 60 second spots, showcases students such as Wes Bingwa, a Nigerian student who boldly chose to become a dancer despite his family background in medicine, #DMUglobal participant Tom Kimsey, who postponed his work to travel to Ahmedabad, India and DMU graduate Jessica Okoro, founder of BeScience STEM, who has called her educational experience at DMU “life-changing.” It also features members of the men’s football teams from De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) and staff members at the university. Abbie Wood, group account director at Cubo, notes that filming students’ stories adds a personal touch by capturing the emotions involved with taking risks and pushing their boundaries.

Melanie Fowler, executive director of marketing and communications at De Montfort University, praises DMU’s previous campaign ‘Razor’s Edge’ for raising brand awareness. The theme of ‘Razor’s Edge’, DMU’s most successful recruitment campaign up to date, was challenging convention. ‘Dare to Do’ serves as a fitting follow up to this campaign, spearheaded by the motto, “Those who dare, do.” The TV advert is an updated reflection of DMU as a multicultural, innovation center with a global outlook. DMU, named one of the world’s top universities for international impact by Times Higher Education, boasts students from 127 different countries and has one of the highest proportions of international staff and students.

DMU’s diversity is also reflected in the range of industry-related courses it has to offer, especially in the way of creative arts. DMU has built up strong, mutual relationships with other universities across the globe, such as Daly College in India and Chaoyang University in Taiwan, and seeks to strengthen these bonds by increasing its reputation as a diverse, global institution. By branding itself as an international hub, DMU seeks to recruit even more students from countries outside the UK to keep up the flow of global innovation.


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