FRIDAY 10 FEB 2017 4:30 PM


From data driven IC and the employer brand to organisational culture, internal communication remains a prominent part of global business development. Capturing this, the annual Internal Communications Conference, hosted by global event organiser, BOC, gathers IC professionals from diverse backgrounds to lead the charge towards employee engagement and wider communications strategy.

This year’s event surrounds the key themes of change, trust, strategic IC and the insights gained in the measurement of success, yet understanding IC in the wider context requires many of these elements to translate to human behaviour, something this year’s conference focuses on as a central objective. With behavioural science a cornerstone in understanding workplace interactions, successfully communicating within an organisation allows for a human centric approach.  

Last year’s event solidified the Internal Communications Conference as a standout date for IC professionals. Companies such as Lloyd’s Banking Group, SABMiller and Aviva shared insights on how to contact internal communications within varied industries, channelling a common understanding in tackling IC issues and working cross-sector. Combining techniques, the growth of the conference illustrates the importance of solution-focused approaches to IC, highlighting the importance of collaboration as a step toward bridging the gaps within IC.

The 2017 conference, scheduled for March 22-24, features a range of speakers from organisations including Virgin Trains, KPMG, EY and the BBC. With growing sponsorship and four years of successful IC brainstorming behind the conference, the promise of succinct engagement with IC is materialised in pre-conference masterclasses and workshops. Along with this, rapid fire learning sessions and keynote speeches aim to offer attendees a wide scope of IC, allowing for mixed participation over the two-day conference.