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The construction of peace can be achieved through well-planned, fair, sustainable and inclusive processes. The International Association for Human Values (IAHV) is a non-profit, United Nations-affiliated organisation committed to mediating in conflicts and helping affected population. Its mission is to work on the psychological effects of people in communities in conflict and develop leaders that can guide those communities to build a better future.

Previous programmes of this global platform for humanitarian initiatives have benefited more than 150.000 people in Iraq, Israel-Palestine, India, and Afghanistan. Among the existing partnerships are CSR programmes of companies, including the ‘Volunteer Engagement Program’ with Intel, which sponsored an educational trip for 65 children from Bangalore accompanied by employees of Intel to a day to the Bannergatta Biological National Park and Cisco Systems, whose volunteers accompanied a group of children from Jharkhand to an educational trip to various institutions.

Long-term initiatives have been materialised with the help of institutions like National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), which focuses on the development of skills through grants and scholarships, Chicago Balaji Temple Charitable Trust with the construction of a primary school, a higher secondary school and a multipurpose centre, and Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Ltd with two phases of ground water rejuvenation activities in Hemapura Miniwatershed Region of Kumudvathi River Basin.

Since 2012, 482 people from Belgium between 14 to 25 years old have been secretly leaving their homes to go to Syria and join the ISIS cause. This is the highest rate of foreign fighters in Europe but not the only case. An effective action against terrorism is to prevent people from being drawn into it.

Consequently, the IAHV is currently looking for partnerships in order to co-finance a new EU grant. Its aim is to empower citizens from Lebanon and Jordan so they can help prevent radicalisation in vulnerable populations like children.


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