Salaries and bonuses in the corporate communications sector have fallen as companies seek caution.

Rebecca Pardon speaks to Jenifer Willig, CEO and co-founder of WRTHY, about their recent social impact campaigns and how businesses can help to drive social change.


The reputation of a country or ‘country brand' has a significant economic value. The perception of a country can be created by the public actions, brands, people, tourist experiences, among others, and the way these are communicated to the world.
The construction of peace can be achieved through well-planned, fair, sustainable and inclusive processes. The International Association for Human Values (IAHV) is a non-profit, United Nations-affiliated organisation committed to mediating in conflicts and helping affected population. Its mission is to work on the psychological effects of people in communities in conflict and develop leaders that can guide those communities to build a better future.
The growing offer of gyms, referred as the ‘gym boom’, was the result of new marketing strategies and rebrands from already positioned gyms in an attempt not to lose their customers and to gain new ones.
Machine learning algorithms are being used for different technologies like automated neural machine translation, advanced cyber security systems or data analytics. Research on social networks keeps increasing and leading to innovations like better understanding of markets through image analysis.
Often companies approach CSR in forms that seem unrealistic, but well-planned CSR strategies can result in successful implementations that not only benefit the company but also the community and the environment. This is the case of the zero emissions goals of delivery companies. FedEx and DHL take the lead in green alternatives for their distribution systems.
Traffic law-breaking, such as speeding and drink driving, is rising. As such, more people are now concerned about others texting while driving and the impact of this on overall road safety. The International Automobile Federation (FIA) seeks to improve road safety with its #3500Lives campaign. Its main message is, ‘Sign Up, Stay Safe, Save Lives.’.
Three companies launch new CSR initiatives to better engage their communities. Diana Cantor reports on easyJet, HS2 and DONG Energy.
Sustainability and CSR initiatives from companies have gained importance for customers, investors, government and non-governmental organisations, among others. But what is their real impact these actions have on the company’s consumers?.