MONDAY 6 FEB 2017 10:43 AM


Recognising quality in all things digital, the Digital Impact Awards has rewarded the best in digital communications since 2009. And with the breadth of digital implementation expanding every year, the Digital Impact Awards 2017 aim to offer the most exciting calibre of digital excellence to date.

As the digital landscape flourishes and organisations continuously account for the evolution of wider communications, the awards bring together a wealth of digital innovation. Over 35 categories spread across nine sectors punctuate the value of each unique submission. In addition, the awards' category breakdown speaks to the growing diversity of digital engagement across a wide number of sectors from engineering to retail.

Andrew Thomas, publishing editor of Communicate magazine, says, "Last year, we had an interesting year for digital communications professionals. Digital communications is a field where the construct of boundaries is about segmentation rather than borders; where, effectively, geography has become history and where creative and strategic excellence is often stretched as a consequence of sharing experiences from different cultures rather than pooling the shared experience of a common one. 2016 was one of the most competitive of years in the history of the awards programme and we anticipate 2017 to be the same."

Last year saw deserved winners take home gold for wide ranging projects including 'Best corporate website' awarded to Bostik and Freestyle Interactive and 'Digital campaign of the year' going to a collaborative project from Lynx, Unilever, CALM and TMW Unlimited that sought to raise awareness of suicide. As well as this, the 2016 awards also saw SapientNitro take home 'Digital agency of the year' for its collection of successful projects with organisations such as Harley Davidson and RBS.  

Early entry deadlines for this year's awards are 5 May 2017, with the final entry deadline scheduled for 2 June 2017. Following this, the highly anticipated ceremony takes place on 17 October 2017. For further information on this year's DIA, visit or contact Brian Donnelly