MONDAY 23 OCT 2017 2:45 PM


What defines Britain in 2017? That’s the question that inspired artists from across Britain to submit 280 postcard designs into the Great British Postcard Competition, sponsored by Saxoprint in association with the Big Issue.

Winning entries explored the political subtexts underlying British life in 2017, the quirks of British humour and family, and the challenges the nation faces in terms of its economic, social and political future. Saxoprint, a German and British-based printing company worked with digital studio Freestyle Interactive to promote the competition and unveil the winners – in print and online. At an evening of art, music, poetry and postcards in October, the winning entry and finalists were unveiled by ex-Sex Pistols lead singer Johnny Rotten (John Lydon).

“We’ve helped bring together big, influential names from the world of art, music and politics and that meant that the momentum the campaign gained has helped Saxoprint achieve their goal to disrupt the online printing market in the UK,” says Paul Beacham, head of creative at Freestyle. With one of Britain’s best-known rock stars on the judging panel, the campaign achieved just that. But it also supported the Big Issue, one of Britain’s most prominent charities. Big Issue founder Lord John Bird and chief executive Stephen Robertson were on hand to recognise the winners as well.

The competition itself distributed a £5,000 grand prize making it the second-biggest prize in a creative competition in the UK. Andy Wood, head of strategy at Freestyle Interactive, says the competition was designed to “inspire [artists] to create something unique to them.”

The first picture postcard was printed in Britain in 1840. Now, 177 years later, the art is still going strong and enabling marketing cut through. This campaign brings together that heritage, with support for social change, and a recognition of the modern British psyche to great success. The winners gallery is available here.