MONDAY 7 AUG 2017 9:00 AM


Building and maintaining a reputation requires precision, creativity and assiduousness in corporate communications. Ensuring the corporate story is told relies on strategic development, narrative building and, above all, excellent content.

The Corporate Content Awards will celebrate the best in creative content, corporate storytelling and communications. The inaugural awards event will recognise the role content has to play in carrying out business objectives.

Corporate content is unique in that it is being deployed by business of every size and sector and across every type of channel and platform. Creative work proliferates across social media, in video, through CSR partnerships, by internal communications teams, in print and audio, through influencers and blogs and to every stakeholder group.

Content has become the junction of communications and brand. Effective content relies on a cohesive communications strategy and a cogent understanding of the brand’s positioning and target audience. Deploying that content effectively requires efficiency with all manner of communications channels. Those who get it right ensure their corporate story does not go untold.

Andrew Thomas, founder of Communicate magazine and the Corporate Content Awards says, “Storytelling has always been at the heart of great communications. Crafting a corporate narrative and building a reputation fuels the need for narrative-driven, creative content. We are pleased to set the benchmark in corporate content with the launch of the Corporate Content Awards.”

Entries are accepted into categories based on audience, like ‘Best content targeted to the internal audience,’ or by channel, as with ‘Best use of print.’ But, awards will also be given to those companies that marry their content with strategy, like in the ‘Most creative use of owned media channels’ category. The awards will also celebrate the ‘Best corporate storyteller’ and laud the ‘Grand Prix for best overall strategic content use’ The full list of categories is below.

The awards will be judged by a panel of in-house corporate communications professionals and experts in the development and use of corporate content.

For more information, visit or email Michelle Kibble.