FRIDAY 24 MAR 2017 11:31 AM


With striking visuals and bold statements, Bridgestone launches its partnership with the International Olympic Committee in the UK.

The partnership is being supported by the strapline, 'Chase your dream, no matter what' and will run through 2024. The brand campaign supporting the launch is designed to be motivational and encourage people to overcome obstacles. For Bridgestone, this aligns with its role as a provider of tyres, the things that keep a vehicle going and overcoming obstacles.

Bridgestone north Europe managing director, Robin Shaw says, “Our Chase Your Dream, No
Matter What campaign aims to inspire people everywhere, whatever their background to find the
strength to chase their dreams and overcome any obstacles they face on life’s journey. Whatever
challenges you face, we believe our role is to keep everyone safe and on track until you safely reach
your destination. Our ambassadors are sharing their stories to help everyday people chase their
dreams, no matter what.”

The British Olympic Association is supporting this partnership through the appearance of several high profile Olympians in campaign materials. Developed by London-based marketing company We Are Fearless, the campaign features Daley Thompson, Charley Hull and Chris Mears. Supported by the aspirational strapline, the initial imagery features photographs of the athletes in sports kit or at their place of competition with strong personal statements running across the pictures. They make for a bold look that is in keeping with Bridgestone's overall brand feel.

Gary Dods, founder and MD of WeAreFearless, says, "This is a bold and emotional campaign that disrupts traditional tyre category marketing. Our work in neuroscience shows there’s a huge opportunity to reinvent the way we engage consumers and deliver more meaningful marketing."

The partnership will be supported by several events throughout 2017 including grassroots sport events at which Bridgestone's ambassadors will support amateur athletes. Bridgestone is also supporting golf, at all levels to inspire golfers to 'chase their dreams.'

World Olympic Partners are the only companies that are permitted to advertise at and around the Olympic Games, using the Olympics' branding. This allows for a massive platform from which to communicate. Bridgestone's tenure as a partner will allow it to support the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and the 2024 Summer Olympics which will be held in either Los Angeles or Paris.