THURSDAY 15 MAR 2018 2:58 PM


With the purpose of showcasing energy’s potential and what it can contribute to everyday life, Germany-based gas and electricity company E.ON has launched a new film. In the film, the city streets have transformed into a swimming pool, sustainably heated by air source heat pumps

‘The Big Dip’ as the film is called, has been created as part of a campaign designed to promote new and more sustainable energy solutions to E.ON’s customers by offering a different perspective on energy. Its surreal images aim to overcome the biases that people have in mind regarding the role of energy in their lives.

Using an urban backdrop, the film illustrates how, potentially, a city’s streets can be repurposed as pools, swapping cars for swimmers and showing vans on water using E.ON’s air source heat pump technology.

The creative concept was developed by creative agency Engine with media planning and buying by media agency Vizeum UK. Simon Peck, group managing director of Engine UK, says, “It is such a privilege to work with a brand and marketing team so committed to changing the rules of the market.”

E.ON uses an original idea to get people interested about more sustainable energy sources, a topic that is both important and current, showing air source heat pumps, smart homes or solar and battery storage as alternatives.

Belinda Moore, director of marketing and communications at E.ON UK, says, “Heat pumps are the focus of this film but this conversation is about so much more in reality – it’s about doing amazing things with energy – things like electric vehicles that will help make low carbon transport a reality, growing solar and battery technologies so our homes and business can capture renewable energy and store it ready for use when we need it, or more simply providing high-efficiency boilers so customers can keep their homes warm and comfortable in a cost-effective way.”

“In the same way as we’ve transformed our company over the last couple of years, becoming known for more than gas and electricity supplies, we’re working to transform our brand to truly represent the help we can give our customers today and in the future.”

The new campaign gives E.ON the opportunity to displays its range of innovative sustainable solutions across the country, including solar and battery storage for homes and business, electric vehicle charging and smart homes systems.

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'The Big Dip'