TUESDAY 18 SEP 2018 3:49 PM


Sharing the same values and philosophy, German automobile manufacturer Audi and Tottenham Hotspur – the football club in north London that competes in the Premier League, better known as Spurs – are both advocates for advanced, modern design and technology.

Now, Tottenham has announced Audi as its official car partner, in a partnership that will spread across four years. This is not the first time Audi has partnered with the sports industry, with Tottenham being their latest addition to a long list of football associates, consisting of Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid, to name a few.
Fran Jones, head of partnerships of Tottenham Hotspur, says, “Audi is a premium brand, so we are delighted to have it on board alongside a number of other leading club partners. We look forward to welcoming Audi and offering them the opportunity to showcase their products across the club.”
Audi’s signature logo will be incorporated in all of the club’s touchpoints, being featured in a LED advertising system, big screens and the in-house TV network at the club’s new stadium, as well as its social media platforms. 
Andrew Doyle, director of Audi UK, says, “The partnership brings two progressive brands together, Audi and Spurs. Our shared principles of beautiful design and the most advanced technologies further cements our belief that Audi and Spurs will be the perfect marriage.”
Audi is also responsible for the Audi Cup and the Audi Summer Tour, two popular pre-season international tournaments, in which some of the biggest clubs in the world take part.
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