MONDAY 19 NOV 2018 1:28 PM


Despite climate change’s minimal impact on the mild weather in the UK, UK businesses have no excuse for not being environmentally conscious. The Heathrow Express will no longer give excuses, just proof.

Collaborating with brand purpose consultancy Given London, Heathrow Express – the fast train that connects central London with its hub airport – has rolled out a campaign, showcasing the ways it promotes sustainability and informing the public of its efforts to be environmentally conscious.

Given London had to come with a simple and clear language that is short and sweet, to catch people’s attention.

Matt Wright, associate creative director at Given London says, “We wanted the posters to have impact at whatever point travellers’ noticed them. Heathrow Express’ sustainability work has great substance but we wanted to ensure key messages weren’t lost through complexity or because travellers were required to absorb the whole series.”

Another main concern for Heathrow Express was to avoid the communications message feeling too corporate, polished and impersonal, as most sustainability communications tend to do.

Chris Crauford, head of commercial at Heathrow Express, says, “This is probably our most ambitious attempt to engage passengers in our sustainability credentials and bring our brand to life in a way that goes beyond the speed, reliability and customer service we’re known for. We’re proud of our position as a sustainable transport option with our diverse workforce, activities in the community and fully electric trains. This campaign has proved to be a striking and impactful way of celebrating 20 years of sustainable travel with Heathrow Express.”

The new campaign consists of pieces of art displayed in 36-metre long posters, different from one another but with similar elements that offer a unified and consistent identity across the campaign in its entirety. The work from Given London coincides with the company’s 20th anniversary, showcasing its environmental journey through its 20 years of existence. The posters can be seen the main walkway by Heathrow Express’ passengers on the 10-minute walk to the baggage hall.

The artwork addresses key points that prove Heathrow Express’ determination to deliver on its promise of being responsible, mentioning how the number of female drivers exceeds the industry average and highlighting that the trains are all-electric. The posters were crafted by illustrator and paper-sculptor Rebecca Sutherland and feature witty messages and handcrafted sculptures made by upcycled rubbish found on the seats and floors of the trains.

Sutherland says, “My thinking was to create things that touched that sweet spot between being seen as refuse and a visually stunning image. We worked hard on getting that right. Just enough change so we can still see what it is. It’s strange to say, but when I was clearing up from the project, I had around 15 cups left over. It seemed strange to throw them in the bin. This is because they had been a resource all week. They had been as valuable as my pencil or my scissors.”

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