FRIDAY 17 AUG 2018 1:18 PM


Producing the largest surplus since 2013, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) conquered 2017, reaching one milestone after the other. With 1,800 new members joining, member retention levels increased significantly, turnover went up and costs went down.

Proving its growth and evolution, the CIPR has released a report that takes a look at the performance of every area of its business.

Following a tradition of eight years, CIPR's report, called 'State of the Profession,' provided a well-rounded picture of the UK public relations industry. The research took place with the help of more than 1,500 practitioners, who shared their views and opinions, allowing the report to showcase the ever-evolving professionalisation of PR practice.

The CIPR also led research on PR and pay equality, produced in partnership with Women in PR, and released a Brexit and PR report, led by Dr Jon White, demonstrating Brexit as a PR opportunity to showcase strategic leadership.

Another report on perceptions of internal communicators among CEOs, called ‘Making it Count,’ was also published from the organisation, in which 14 CEOs were interviewed in an effort to assess internal communications. The result were encouraging, with senior leaders expressing their appreciation of the practice.

On the topic of news, CIPR news in 2017 reached an ultimate high in assessment, with CIPR news stories attracting a total of 64,019 views, 23% more than 2016.

Furthermore, in 2017, 1,970 practitioners attended CIPR training, which is 370 more practitioners than the ones that participated the previous year. The training courses became increasingly popular, resulting in an addition of 15 extra courses throughout the year. Alongside the extra courses, CIPR training also added extra workshops in 2017, with courses taking place in Glasgow, Leeds, Edinburgh and Newcastle.

Delivering on its promise of excellence for employers and clients, the CIPR tried to further enhance its knowledge and practice, launching its first ever ‘Professional PR Diploma.’

Recognising the significance of volunteers in its organisation, the CIPR launched CIPRNet, an online platform designed for volunteers to interact with one another direstly, in an effort to expand its community of volunteers. The initiative of CIPRNet was led by two volunteers, Laura Sutherland Chart. PR, FCIPR and Jenni Field FCIPR, who were later awarded the ‘Sir Stephen Tallents Medal,’ recognising their support regarding career development for other people.

Attracting and retaining members was one of the main objectives of 2017 for the CIPR. For that reason, it launched one of the three ‘Membership Means More’ campaigns in March. The campaign encourages members to share the importance of membership by giving them tools to express the reasons why they are proud to be members of the CIPR. CIPR's initiative was successful, with the campaign attracting 335 new members in the month of March, an increase of 113% from March 2016, when only 157 new members joined.

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