WEDNESDAY 10 OCT 2018 9:47 AM


Despite the stubborn denial of climate change – often by those in positions of authority – it has become more popular for companies to demonstrate an environmentally conscious business strategy. This not only helps brands appeal to Millennials – who are largely well-informed and environmentally aware – but also make an impact on the environment for the better.

International hospitality amenities supplier Groupe GM has come out with a new sustainability strategy, the ‘Care About Earth’ programme, proving that the company puts its environmental ethos front and centre.

Care About Earth is a wide-ranging development programme spanning the company's environmental and social activities. Putting the programme in action, Groupe GM aims to   diminish its environmental footprint, enhance the company’s sustainability, becoming part of the solution. Furthermore, Groupe GM aspires to feature ‘Care About Earth’ as a fundamental part of its corporate strategy across all the countries in which it operates.

In the context of ‘Care About Earth,’ Groupe GM promises to introduce the usage of oxo-biodegradable packaging as well as plant-based, recycled plastics and 100% renewable raw materials. Groupe GM is also developing substances that help quicken the decomposition of chemical structures found in plastics.

Laurent Marchand, president of Groupe GM, says, “In accordance to this ambitious project, we have focused on an ecological approach for developing products that have minimal impact on the environment without compromising on function. Several lines have been simultaneously launched, ensuring that the quality of our products is always met, with extra care taken to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices and EU rules on cosmetics.”

The changes Groupe GM is willing to make to become an environmentally friendly organisation however, are not limited to packaging. Incorporating the use of natural perfumes, herbal extracts, essential oils and vegetable oils, and eliminating the use of animal products, sulphates, mineral oils, colorants, and toxic chemicals will help improve the sustainability of the hospitality sector more broadly.

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