THURSDAY 30 AUG 2018 11:04 AM


The UK is arguably the home of cricket, though it is now a global sport with a passionate, multicultural fanbase. Ahead of the 2019 Cricket World Cup, hosted by England and Wales, that broad supporter base is being highlighted in the World Cup’s communications.

The theme of the World Cup’s comms is ‘Are you in?’ as the organising committee hopes to inspire passion among existing cricket fans across the UK, as well as engage non-supporters in the festivities. As part of this campaign, Ogilvy London and the World Cup committee have unveiled the first of three films surrounding the public ballot competition.

Featuring Chabuddy G, the ‘Official Guide to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019’ film offers a comedic introduction to the Cricket World Cup. It creates a balance for fans and potential fans by highlighting some key cricket players and places, while still giving more information to those new to the sport.

Rachel Frazer, head of communications for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 in England & Wales, says, “It’s been brilliant to work with Chabuddy G on this fresh and exciting campaign, which will help drive engagement and awareness of next summer’s tournament with people outside of our core cricket audience.”

The following two films, ‘Chabuddy G's Guide to Cricket Commentating’ and ‘Chabuddy G's Guide to Cricket Umpiring’ take a similar tone. Though the public ballot is now closed, tickets will still be available on 27 September.

The run up to the World Cup will also feature more content designed to encourage existing fans and new supporters to get involved with the events, held in 10 cities across England and Wales.