FRIDAY 23 MAR 2018 4:46 PM


Prompted by International Women’s Day and its #PressforProgress campaign, global food delivery service, Foodpanda, calls for gender equality and gives this March the opportunity for women to celebrate their accomplishments, worth and devotion, by releasing interviews of successful women across the market.

Foodpanda, following the trend regarding women in business across the industries, has decided to make a name for itself by showing support to the #PressforProgress initiative, which is a strong call for action to press forward and progress gender equality.

Even within a male-dominated industry, women keep making a name or themselves, with more and more go-to establishments owned by women going up every day. The key ingredients for success are passion and determination. Founder and managing director of La Juiceria in Malaysia, Anabelle Co-Martinent, says, “Deciding that you will work on something and following through on that vision is what brings results.”

By showcasing successful women and giving them a platform to talk, Foodpanda achieves representation, making an important step forward in regards to the empowerment and encouragement of young women to seek out executive roles.

In those interviews women have the chance to talk not only about the success now enjoy, but also how they achieved it and what struggles they had along the way. About the risks involved in owning a restaurant Leow Joe Yee, co-founder of Killer Gourmet Burgers, says, “Statistics show that almost 60% of the hospitality businesses fail within three years of commencement.”

Foodpanda is only one of the companies that joined the #PressforProgress campaign, with Hotwire and IBM UK, among others, being actively supportive on the social media.

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