TUESDAY 6 MAR 2018 10:01 AM


By coming up with astounding and innovative ideas, or by working the hardest, Europe’s best and brightest have a chance to shine - the Forbes 30 Under 30 list is here. Focusing on the media and marketing business, the Forbes list is the chance to keep track of, admire and reward those who, in Forbes editor Randall Lane’s words, are "Reshaping Europe, and the world, for the better.”

Expectedly, the majority of the list consists of founders or co-founders of companies that have managed to differentiate themselves from the norm and bring something new to the table, an impressive accomplishment considering the plethora of businesses that pop up daily. One example that intelligence combined with morals can lead to greatness is Amy Williams, 26, who invented an alternative to ad-blocker that makes the advertiser donate a percentage of the profits they make from the ads, to charity. A lot fewer but not less important are the content creators, such as Jakob Waits, who as the head of new platforms and video, has managed to build global partnerships with platforms and publishers, resulting in  Bild, one of Europe's largest newspapers,  also becoming  one of the continent's largest publishers by digital reach.

The Forbes 30 under 30 list is refreshingly inclusive this year. Remarkably, it is the first time a country such Macedonia makes an appearance on the list with Dimitrioski Zarko, 28, co-founder of the marketing agency Eden na Eden, one of the few full-service marketing agencies in Macedonia, with a customer base that includes some of the most important brands of the country such as Alkaloid and Golden Art. Talent, intelligence and determination are attributes a person possesses regardless of gender, nationality or religion, and that is something Forbes magazine seems to understand and want to promote.

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