WEDNESDAY 10 JAN 2018 4:00 PM


The partnership, which holds sustainability at its core, brings together the technological specialities of the Swedish-Swiss multinational corporation with Formula E’s electric-only motorsport series. The first of its kind, announcement of the multi-year sponsorship will see the competition welcome the title, ‘ABB FIA Formula E Championship.’

ABB’s operations in robotics, electrical equipment and automation technology have been a central component of its business focus since it began pre-merger as ASEA (Allmana Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget) and BBC (Brown, Boveri and Cie) in 1883 and 1891 respectively. Known historically for its production of generators, steam turbines and AC/DC motors, the company’s 1988 merger saw the beginning of a shift towards sustainable, industry-leading electrical technology.

Today, ABB boasts the largest installed base of fast-charge station worldwide – an infrastructural feat that began in 2010 – affirming its strategic focus in electrical engineering. Hoping to bring this to the forefront of the partnership, ABB will begin implementing its e-mobility-focused solutions across each of the 11 cities featuring in this year’s competition.

Ulrich Spiesshofer, CEO of ABB, says, “Today, two pioneers are uniting. ABB and Formula E are a natural fit at the forefront of the latest electrification and digital technologies. Together, we will write the next phase of this exciting sports activity and foster high-performance teams.”

Established in 2014, Formula E has garnered a substantial following for its fast-paced, high-performance races. Facilitating brands as a competitive platform designed specifically to cater for the use of electric vehicles, the championship also supports a growing community of e-mobility-focused electrification, characterised through a mixture of electric vehicle designs. As well as this, the championship’s open attitude to sponsorship has allowed for many brands to succeed in marketing and communicating brand messages through the Formula E platform.

Alejandro Agag, founder and CEO of Formula E, says, “This is a historic day for Formula E and I’m honoured to welcome the global technology leader ABB as the title partner of Formula E, with its background and expertise in the field of electrification and digital technologies. Our two companies are synonymous with pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Together, as partners, we will showcase breakthrough technology on a global scale to fans and consumers who follow the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.”

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