MONDAY 3 SEP 2018 1:53 PM


One of the hardest trained and most adaptable forces of the British military, the Royal Marines are qualified for a multitude of national threats, all while being kept on their toes for the potential of deployment across the world.

The Royal Marines Commandos are now recruiting, with the Royal Navy launching a new recruitment campaign with the Royal Marines’ long-running line ‘It’s a state of mind,’ front and centre. The tagline encapsulates the essence of the Royal Marines, showcasing that, for the Marines, the conception of what is possible is different.  

For the campaign, a film called ‘The Mist’ was produced by Engine’s creative agency, WCRS. The film was shot by award-winning director Nicolai Fuglsig and a team consisting of Oscar-winning director of photography, Matyas Erdly, among others.

Paul Colley, head of marketing at Royal Navy says, “These films really highlight the essence of ‘It’s a state of mind,' but critically that if you become a Royal Marine you can change what you think is possible.”

The film depicts a team of Marines cautiously paddling into the middle of a misty body of water, surrounded by ruins, in what seems to a scene of war. ‘The Mist’ shows that in order to become a Royal Marine, recruits have to overcome their fear of the unknown.

To add truthfulness to the campaign, the film features real Royal Marines Commandos, not actors.

Orlando Warner, creative director at WCRS says, “We wanted to create a campaign that was true to who the Royal Marines are and reflected the strength of mind required to wear the coveted green beret. The hugely talented Nicolai Fuglsig helped us bring to life these quiet, thoughtful scripts, each focusing on the mental discipline required to be a Royal Marine.”

Following ‘The Mist’, another film for the campaign will be released on 27 August, called ‘Spider.’

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