WEDNESDAY 5 SEP 2018 11:26 AM


A brand for which roads are the very heart, AA has taken to the road to build awareness and increase interaction with its employees.

Roadside support and automobile services association, the AA, has worked with communications agency Top Banana on a 27-event roadshow across the UK and Ireland. The AA seeks to communicate key messages about the business and improve engagement with 2,700 patrols.

So it took to the road. Travelling for six weeks to 14 locations, the agenda included presentations, breakout discussions and team activities.

Jez Audus, client services director at Top Banana says, “The patrols are at the heart of the AA but as they are field based and often work in remote locations it can be difficult to communicate important business messages effectively. Through a roadshow approach, the AA was able to communicate face to face with all 2,700 of its patrols whilst ensuring minimum disruption to the business and customer service.”

The patrols that took part in the events said they appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the organisation’s strategic plan and to speak directly with business leaders about the issues affecting them and their work.