WEDNESDAY 11 JUL 2018 10:56 AM


Fertility and pregnancy are common topics of concern across women around the world. Whether regarding questions about infertility or tips that can help ensure a healthy pregnancy, women constantly seek advice not only from their doctors, but also from the internet.

UK’s biggest pregnancy charity, Tommy’s, has collaborated with Public Health England, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the UCL Institute for Women’s Health, for the release of a pre-conception campaign, led by marketing agency the Big Shot.

The digital campaign is called #AreYouReady and is scheduled to appear across, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The campaign will inform women about pre-conception planning and its significance for a safe and healthy pregnancy, while bringing attention to Tommy’s new digital tool, ‘Planning for Pregnancy.’

 “Once women and their partners are pregnant they get a wide range of information from all sorts of sources, but in the pre-conception period, when they are not talking to health professionals about their intentions, it’s much harder to make sure they are informed about things they can do to reduce their risks. This tool has been created to address that gap in information. This is not about guilt or blame, it simply provides the information and support to allow women to make informed decisions,” Jane Brewin, Tommy’s chief executive, says.

The Big Shot has produced two videos, one that is animated and one that features real women. The videos demonstrate the disproportionate time and effort women put into planning events like holidays in comparison to pregnancy planning.  ‘Planning for Pregnancy’ gives advice on various different topics, including a healthier lifestyle when planning for pregnancy.

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