WEDNESDAY 28 NOV 2018 4:16 PM


Sparkling water brand, SodaStream International , has rolled out a new campaign that highlights the environmental dangers of single-use plastic bottles, using animation and the voice of world famous British rock singer and songwriter, Sir Rod Stewart.

The cause behind the campaign is near and dear to SodaStream’s heart, which is a company that its products transforms ordinary tap water into sparkling water, offering the opportunity to its consumers to enjoy their carbonated drinks without utilising single-use plastic.

With one SodaStream carbonating bottle replacing up to thousands of single-use plastic bottles and cans, SodaStream’s products are both environmentally and budget-friendly. That’s why, with the environmentally cautious approach being front and centre at SodaStrams’s business, the new campaign vocalises its purpose in a clear and efficient way.

The campaign features a video, where a sea turtle covered in plastic packaging waste sings a song encouraging people to start the change and be mindful of the planet. A choir of people join the singing among a sea of rubbish. The video symbolises the gradual increase of waste the world is producing, which cover the face of the earth in an alarming rate.

Daniel Birnbaum, chief executive of SodaStream, says, “Plastic has become a pandemic threat with its impact upon human health still unknown, but with devastating environmental consequences to our oceans and marine life. In this campaign, we wanted to give a voice to marine animals and, together with them, encourage people and corporations to switch from single-use plastic to reusable packaging.”

Stewart says, “I have a great love for our oceans and marine life and was happy to lend my voice and support to this campaign. If it helps raise awareness and effect simple changes like switching to reusable bottles then I’m honoured to be a part of it.” 

The video campaign coincides with the launch of SodaStream’s new website, where the company invites people to stop using single-use plastic and turn to more environmentally friendly products, such as reusable cups.

“While one reusable SodaStream bottle can save thousands of single-use plastic bottles, the world needs to change more than just its drinking habits to combat the global pollution hazard. We should all do our best to shift away from single-use plastic including straws, cups, bags and bottles,” says Birnbaum. “SodaStream hopes that this campaign will encourage many to make the change. It’s in our hands.”

The sea turtle, the leading figure of the video, is voiced by Sir Rid Stewart, while the cast also includes celebrity Thor ‘The Mountain’ Björnsson and Sarah Catherine Hook. The song featured in the film called ‘Ocean of Change,’ and it was written solely for the purpose of the campaign by SodaStream.

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