WEDNESDAY 6 JUN 2018 1:36 PM


Dry cider brand Strongbow has joined forces with MTV to create a new competitive-reality show, produced by in-house TV production arm of Channel 5, Viacom’s Elephant House Studios. The reality show is scheduled to be broadcasted later this year and along with it the collaboration will be advertised across all social media outlets and print media.

The reality show, called Re-Freshers Week Presented by Strongbow, will feature a group of eight 25 to 30-year-olds trying to experience again the thrills of being a Fresher at university. This period marks a time of spontaneity and carelessness, without the stress and responsibilities of the adult life. The contestants will live together in a student house, competing in from freshers-week inspired tasks. Guest judges will also be taking part every week, bringing humour and increasing the entertainment value of their real-life routines.

Emma Sherwood-Smith, cider brands director for Strongbow says, “Re-Freshers Week Presented by Strongbow will bring our brand idea to life and reawaken the joy of freedom before the pressures of real life got in the way. The majority of our consumers will have first enjoyed Strongbow when they started their first proper job or went into further education. This is a campaign that spurs memories, brings to life dormant feelings of freedom and no stress, and, we hope, will make people feel positive about life.”

Re-Freshers Week Presented by Strongbow will consist of five 60-minute episodes overseen by a host. At the end of the series, one participant will be announced as the winner, receiving a substantial cash price. The concept of the show was inspired and based on Strongbow’s belief that people should embrace their less serious side and not take themselves too seriously.

Mark Swift, SVP of UK commercial and international ad sales, Viacom International Media Networks says, “Ad funded programmes are a brilliant way for brands to bring their brand personality to life. Strongbow came to us looking for a way to connect with audiences and we’ve pushed the boundaries of the brief with a fun programme concept that is certain to resonate with MTV viewers.

The partnership between the two brands seems like a successful venture due to sharing similar values, delivering content that addresses a young audience and displaying a fun and careless outlook of life.

In the framework of the partnership, Strongbow will be the main sponsor of ‘Club MTV: Fresher’s Tour’ taking place throughout September and October. The tour attracts around 45,00 student’s annually and  is the UK’s biggest touring student club night.

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