THURSDAY 19 JUL 2018 12:49 PM


Although one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth, and half of those losses go unexplained, baby loss remains a taboo topic. Tommy’s, the largest pregnancy and baby charity in the UK, breaks this culture of silence by collaborating with global media agency Mindshare to start a social media campaign designed to support and empower women who have gone through the heartbreak of baby loss.

When conducting research for its new campaign #TogetherForChange, Tommy’s found that 66% of women who have lost a baby were made to feel worse by the media. With online articles on the magic of pregnancy and friends’ status updates after every ultrasound or baby shower, the media continues to further step away from its mission to connect people by propagating the idea of the ‘perfect pregnancy,’ thus isolating and disheartening women who have lost a baby.

The campaign was devised to empower women by starting a conversation and establishing a network of support, the campaign educates viewers on the prevalence of baby loss and removes the stigma from the grief that follows.

CEO of Tommy’s Jane Brewin says, "By breaking the silence on baby loss, we can inspire people to come together, support each other and drive for change. Anyone who has lost a baby needs support from family and friends – it’s our mission with this campaign to empower and encourage family and friends to support each other. Through #togetherforchange, we aim to give parents the hope that by supporting Tommy’s to better understand pregnancy loss, we can work together to save the lives of many babies otherwise at risk.”

Publishing a video on both Facebook and Instagram, Tommy kicked off its campaign by telling the story of an expectant mother through excited texts, tweets and status updates that quickly turn to grief when her pregnancy ends in her losing the baby. The video aims to spread awareness, remind grieving mothers that they are not alone and encourage viewers to share their own stories.

The video then leads viewers to the Tommy’s #TogetherForChange campaign hub for more information, support and advice. The hub is also where visitors can listen to the stories of other women who have experienced baby loss. With celebrity mothers and influencers such as Giovanna Fletcher, Marina Fogle and Anna Whitehouse backing the campaign, the campaign continues to provide comfort in a time of loneliness, heartbreak and confusion.  

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