Rebecca Pardon speaks to Jenifer Willig, CEO and co-founder of WRTHY, about their recent social impact campaigns and how businesses can help to drive social change.

Women in corporate communications are receiving more promotions than men, despite the industry's gender pay gap remaining above national average.


Whether they financially support a company as large investors or devote skills and hours as company employees, stakeholders serve as the backbone of any organisation. Only by reciprocating efforts and investing time and effort in building a constructive relationship with its stakeholders can a company address potential issues and maximise investment.
Although one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, stillbirth or premature birth, and half of those losses go unexplained, baby loss remains a taboo topic. Tommy’s, the largest pregnancy and baby charity in the UK, breaks this culture of silence by collaborating with global media agency Mindshare to start a social media campaign designed to support and empower women who have gone through the heartbreak of baby loss.
During an age in which air travel serves as a vital part of the global economy and social progress, a country’s flag bearer airline can serve as a symbol of national pride for its people. In an effort to understand the effectiveness of airline marketing and evaluate the impact the reputation of an airline or its country has on its popularity among flyers, Graphic Springs, a logo design agency, conducted a study to compare the world’s top airlines.
In an effort to combat knife crime in the UK, the London Metropolitan Police has collaborated with London-based creative agency Atomic to release an app that alerts both the police and neighbours when users have a ‘Hunch’ that trouble is coming their way.
From walking the red carpet as a movie star to exploring seas as a scuba diver, Barbie is a doll of many talents. On her newest adventure, Barbie proves herself no stranger to the digital age as she shows off her coding skills in her latest career as a robotics engineer.
Diversity is a critical part of any 21st century workplace. By strengthening key attributes such as acceptance, respect and teamwork, diversity fosters a productive and healthy culture in the workplace. However, while companies strive to reap the benefits of diversity, they may be unintentionally discouraging female candidates with something as simple as the wrong word choice.
Emerging as the future of the workforce, Millennials serve as the most important demographic for businesses and brands alike. While Millennials continue to form today’s audience as well as tomorrow’s, corporate events are quickly becoming an imperative tool that allows brands to raise brand awareness and provide networking opportunities. Live Union, a London-based event agency, has recently released a report that enlightens brands on what today’s Millennials want from events.