MONDAY 8 OCT 2018 9:21 AM


Changing consumer attitudes are forcing companies to invest in digital makeovers that better reflect their brands and what they stand for.

One of those brands is toy retailer the Entertainer. Seeing a 30% sales increase on its online platform within the year, the independently-owned multichannel toy retailer, has launched a revamped website to capitalise on this growth. The new website was developed by global commerce services provider LiveArea and it promises an easier and smoother purchasing experience, offering a more distinct customer-focused positioning. 

The improved website is designed to address children themselves, with bright colours, vibrant imagery and playful, rounded fonts. This is not unusual among toy retailers, with Lego featuring a ‘for kids’ section on its website where the page transforms into a much more visually stimulating, kid-friendly layout, engaging the true target group of the toy industry: children.

Another feature of the website titled ‘Present Finder’ helps customers find the ideal gift for their loved ones based on age and budget. The feature offers easier navigation, while at the same time sets the website apart from its competitors. The same can be said for the ‘Create your own,’ where customers can create their own personalised products.

Because nearly 80% of visits to its website were coming from mobile users, the Entertainer’s new site has been designed for optimum on-screen translation on phones and tablets.

The Entertainer also focused on increased speed and stronger performance for its new website, that can support the increased traffic to the brand’s website store, especially during peak seasons.

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