THURSDAY 7 JUN 2018 1:20 PM


Ease and efficiency are top priorities for customers around the world. With busy schedules and never-ending to-do lists, people require speed and simplicity without sacrificing quality.

Distribution network operator for electricity UK Power Networks, is yet another organisation that tries to keep up with the times, adapting to the need of digital content. The company has now launched a new digital mobile interactive web application that has been tested with over 250 customers.

The new web application offers a smooth digital experience, being designed by taking into consideration customer feedback. The launch is a result of a collective design process between customer experience studio Tangent and UK Power Networks, which begun in late 2017.

Toni Calder, marketing communications manager at UK Power Networks says, “Technology is advancing at a pace and we are seeing our customers increasingly use mobile on the go and communicate with us using a range of online channels. Our customers expect a personalised service that is easy, quick and available round-the-clock. Tangent have been instrumental in testing new ideas with our customers and delivering an industry leading innovative online journey for our customers to use during a power cut.”

The digital experience includes a complete renovation of the online steps a customer would have to compete in case they experienced a power cut, or they wanted a new connection. The new mobile web application is centred around the accessibility and ease of mobile connection, having this as a focal feature of the design. The mobile-first approach, gives the new initiative a modern feel, keeping it simple, current and competitive against its competitors.

The objective of the new service is to give UK Power Networks customers the choice of which communication they prefer to use. With the new experience, the compulsory call to the call centre has been swapped for a one-click, direct and customised view of the power cut in the customer’s area that provides them with info and updates on when power is expected to be back on, among others.

Oli Green, Managing Partner at Tangent said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with UK Power Networks. Our brief to deliver market-leading innovation with a customer-led approach at its core, sits perfectly within our strategic and consultative offering in experience design and creative technology. We look forward to rolling out a cutting-edge digital experience for all UK Power Networks’ customers”.

The new experience has also simplified and modernised the process of connection services, such as installing a new electricity connection or moving an electricity meter, allowing customers to quickly identify their use case and take steps towards solving it.

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