THURSDAY 21 NOV 2019 5:25 PM


From CSR to high street stars, here is our pick of the latest in video communications. For more from #CommunicateLens, follow @Communicatemag


Alcoholic beverage manufacturer Diageo has a history of celebrating individual personalities and employees as part of its employer brand. Following a new employer brand launch last year, the company has focused on the character of its employees and the impact each one has on the productivity and success of Diageo itself. This week, as part of the ‘We are Diageo’ series, the company has launched a new video featuring brand change manager of Diageo Scotland Michelle McLaws, in an effort to showcase the people behind the company’s brands.

The film is both a story about an employee and Diageo’s company culture. As McLaws describes her own experience as a Diageo employee, the camera shows teams, products and successes behind the scenes, acting as a window into Diageo’s culture. The video is the latest in a series of more than 10 films which were released over the course of 2019, highlighting the talent and efforts of individuals that make up Diageo.

The Guardian

Right when it looked like the Guardian was in dreadful times of crisis, the newspaper was able to break even in March 2019 and is now aiming for the support of 2m readers by 2022. The Guardian’s story is one of hope and resilience, and the publication has launched a brand campaign in September to send a message about the power of perseverance. The campaign includes a bright visual identity focusing on change and a short film directed by academy award winner James Marsh.

The film, ‘Hope is power,’ features a butterfly trying to escape a room and facing a closed window. It eventually breaks through, symbolising the will to challenge the status quo and explore new ways of reaching out to goals. While celebrating the Guardian’s achievements in past years, the campaign is also in line with the publication’s efforts to make a positive impact in the world through journalism. The video makes use of metaphors and does not mention journalism once, yet most Guardian readers are sure to see in it a story spanning over the past three years, with the company as a protagonist. The campaign is sure to win more support for the publication over the next few years, as the Guardian works to keep journalism open for all with the support of its readers.


With a new identity launched this month, marine camera manufacturer Paralenz has repositioned to strengthen its commitment to its CSR values and highlight the importance of ocean exploration for scientists. As part of the brand launch, the company has given divers the possibility to share data from their dives, including location, depth and temperature data, on the bespoke platform ‘the Ocean Base.’ The launch of both the platform and the new brand is supported by a new brand video.

The short film builds on the company’s care for the oceans and its passion for diving and marine exploration. It states that only 10% of the world’s oceans has been explored, encouraging divers to step into the unknown and share their experiences with Paralenz. The video and the Ocean Base initiative link to the company’s responsibility values. They strive to engage users of Paralenz’s products in a collaborative effort, rendering divers themselves an active part in the company’s sustainability goals.


Visa is no stranger to initiatives celebrating the heart of local communities, such as Visa Everywhere and its 2019 women’s global edition. Earlier this month, the company has launched the #WhereYouShopMatters campaign, which was created in partnership with Saatchi & Saatchi to celebrate the UK’s high streets. The campaign features a series of short films to showcase independent businesses across the UK, including bakeries, bars, artists and general stores, which were dubbed ‘High Street Stars.’ The campaign supports the company’s commitment in all sectors of business, strengthening its reputation for prospective customers.

Visa joined the tide of Christmas adverts with its own spot alongside all the other retailers, but the ad was created to introduce the campaign and encourage shoppers to buy locally this Christmas. Visa has partnered with the Guardian’s branded content division, the Guardian Labs, to bring the campaign to the Guardian’s advertising spaces as well. The company will soon release three additional mini-documentaries in support of the initiative.