THURSDAY 7 NOV 2019 4:06 PM


From underarms campaigns to sustainable aims, here’s our pick of the latest in video communications. For more from #CommunicateLens, follow @CommunicateMag.


Dove is rejecting the idea of the perfect armpit in the latest instalment of its long-running real beauty campaign, which launched this week. The film features 13 women from different backgrounds and demographics discussing their personal views on the stereotype of the perfect pit.

Some 88% of women feel society promotes an ideal kind of underarm, according to the ad, which features young, old, tattooed, brightly coloured, hirsute and glitter-bedecked underarms in an attempt to challenge the concept of 'normal'.


Operating in a wide range of sectors, Saint-Gobain produces construction materials to be used in trains, homes and even in space. To reiterate the company’s commitment to its values of sustainability and community wellbeing, Saint-Gobain has partnered with Publicis Conseil to release a narrative brand video, featuring a lonely robot on Mars.

Saint-Gobain’s ‘Mission to Earth’ campaign reminds viewers that the company’s values are linked to its dedication to the planet. The film shows a robot as it projects memories of earth onto a piece of stone, remembering the people who have sent it to Mars. It then shows a range of fields in which Saint-Gobain’s materials are employed, such as neon lights, transportations and the robot itself. The video shows that the company’s most important mission is on earth, to guarantee people’s wellbeing and reduce the environmental impact on the planet, in line with Saint-Gobain’s commitment to sustainability and community development.

Transpennine Express

Transpennine Express is one of the players in a wider transformation of rail services in the north of England and Scotland. To launch its new Nova fleets of trains, the intercity rail company has released a video featuring inanimate objects as passengers, directed by Joseph Mann in collaboration with the Engine group.

The campaign is based around Transpennine’s care in bringing travellers together across the region. Through empathy and storytelling, the video sets an example in corporate transparency. It promotes Transpennine's new line of trains as a way to discuss transformation and corporate change, while abstracting the stories of customers on the way to their beloved ones.


Canadian airline WestJet's latest video is designed to demonstrate its belief that caring about its customers is the key to success. The film draws a parallel between most airline's passengers being treated like cattle and how WestJet customers are treated.

The short clip shows a herd of cows wandering around an airport as their flights are cancelled or delayed contrasted with WestJet’s customer service, which “treats people as people”. In behind the scenes footage assistant director Eric Kaskens said that real cows were only used for close-ups and the rest were CGI. WestJet has committed to improve its sustainability since the company’s CSR report in 2014, and its approach in the production of the brand video is designed to dovetail with its declared values.